Life Saving

Innovation in cancer diagnostics


Just one blood test


Detecting bowel cancer


Reducing colonoscopies

CanSense is diagnosing bowel cancer early

Bowel (colorectal) cancer is the second most common cancer globally. It is the leading cause of cancer-related death in the Western world. Early diagnosis of bowel cancer significantly reduces mortality rate.

Current diagnostics tests such as colonoscopy or faecal blood detection kits can be invasive, unpleasant and expensive.

We are delivering an accurate, non-invasive, inexpensive blood test to diagnose bowel cancer early.

Delivering one simple blood test

Our focus is delivering a blood test which is equivalent to a liquid biopsy for bowel cancer. We are using a label-free assay and combining laser spectroscopy with advanced data analytics.

The development of a high throughput platform allows our diagnostic solution to be scalable. We continue to develop our product with large scale clinical studies.

At CanSense we ensure accuracy by utilising cutting-edge data analytics and machine learning to maximise the performance of our cancer diagnostic that reduces the need for invasive colonoscopy.

CanSense brings together leading scientists, clinicians and business expertise to deliver the rigour and requirements for diagnostic development. 

We are committed to delivering an innovative solution to a major global healthcare problem. Our highly motivated team is focussed on improving patient outcomes in a cost effective manner.

As a University spin-out company we are dedicated to delivering our mission with full impact.

The thought of having one blood test instead of having a most horrible experience of a colonoscopy is amazing.


You can say to him look there’s a 98% chance it’s not going to be cancer, how relieving is that. it would be a huge weight off his mind and reduce a lot of patient anxiety.


If a Raman blood test was available then I would do it, and I think you would find every GP would.


Access to timely investigations would cut that (waiting) down significantly and the anxiety levels.


Fantastic Setup, to be part of making a discovery, of this sort in Swansea, in Wales


It has changed my life, to know to have a blood test which can prove very very quickly if the cancer has come back. This is incredible.


Being Timely, if the blood test is normal, you can get on with your rest of your life!