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CanSense: delivering a blood test solution for the early diagnosis of bowel cancer.

Bowel cancer (also known as colorectal cancer) is the third most common cancer and the fourth most common cause of deaths globally. It accounts for roughly 1.4 million new cases and 700,000 deaths annually. In Europe bowel cancer is the second most common cancer, with 450,000 new cases per year. Incidence is particularly high and is continuing to rise in developed countries.  It is well established that early detection is key to saving lives.

CanSense is developing a fast, inexpensive and scalable test for the early diagnosis of bowel cancer using artificial intelligence-based modelling (AI).  The test is a potential game changer in the approach to bowel cancer diagnosis and screening.  It is focused on patient acceptability and reduced mortality via early stage diagnosis. It has the additional benefit of reducing the demands on more invasive colonoscopy diagnosis and reducing the financial burden on the healthcare provider.

CanSense Ltd: Creating a Centre of Excellence for the Early Diagnosis of Bowel Cancer in a High Throughput Laboratory

A Global Challenge

As a life science company, Cansense is bringing to market an innovation to meet this global demand for early diagnosis via a fast, accurate and scalable solution.  It has an emphasis on patient outcomes and delivering economic benefits for healthcare providers.

Outcomes for the benefit of the patient includes positioning our test to help pharmaceutical companies in evaluating the development of new drug therapies and in the monitoring of patient remission.

CanSense Ltd – Innovation in Science & Medicine

CanSense is poised to deliver a diagnostic to detect cancer early, saving lives and reducing distress. CanSense Ltd will initially look to establish itself as healthcare advisory service provider, with an innovation to diagnose both accurately and in its earliest stages, the presence of colorectal cancers (CRC).

Our diagnostic is designed to offer significant support to pharmaceutical developments in new and emerging drug therapies.

It aims to help dramatically reduce the mortality rate of CRC and reduce the burden to healthcare providers of unnecessary colonoscopies. The economic costs associated with negative colonoscopy procedures is significant and is estimated to be at least $4.2B globally.

For example, the saving is estimated to be around £300million per annum for the NHS alone.

The Solution

Our blood test can be used to inform healthcare professionals as to the necessity of further colonoscopy investigation. From the anxious symptomatic patient’s perspective this triage-type process for CRC offers great benefit and represents excellent news. The result will rapidly and accurately identify the patients requiring urgent priority treatment. For those patients given the all clear, it removes the need for a colonoscopy and quickly alleviates their anxiety.

The test can be applied to support clinical trials which are focused on resectable high-risk colorectal cancer. In that regard the purpose is to identify those most likely to benefit from the new treatment and support the regulatory drug approval process.

CanSense is in partnership with business, healthcare, patient and academic partners to optimise the performance, development and opportunities for our diagnostic.  Our current clinical trials are motivated by these factors.

We are open to discussions with future partners, investors and potential advisory associates who would like to participate in our journey.