Lab work

Cansense is bringing to market an innovation to meet this global demand for early diagnosis via an accurate, cost-effective and scalable solution.

Acknowledging the urgency for change, CanSense is committed to equipping clinicians with a simple tool capable of the earliest of detection for best patient outcomes. Our cutting-edge technology revolutionises the diagnostic journey, mitigating patient anxiety from prolonged waiting times and invasive procedures, helping clinicians make the right decision for the right patient – at the right time. Improving the recruitment of patients by pharmaceutical companies for clinical trials and enhancing the monitoring of patient remission to more effectively assess the progress of new drug therapies.

With only 15% of colorectal cancers detected early, the need for such groundbreaking solutions is clear. CanSense is dedicated to reshaping the landscape of bowel cancer detection, ultimately improving survival rates and saving lives.

The solution

Our blood test can be used to inform healthcare professionals as to the necessity of further colonoscopy investigation. From the anxious symptomatic patient’s perspective this triage-type process for bowel cancer offers great benefit and represents excellent news. The result will rapidly and accurately identify the patients requiring urgent priority treatment. For those patients given the all clear, it removes the need for a colonoscopy and quickly alleviates their anxiety.

The test can be applied to support clinical trials which are focused on resectable high-risk colorectal cancer. In that regard the purpose is to identify those most likely to benefit from the new treatment and support the regulatory drug approval process.

CanSense works in partnership with patients, business, healthcare and our academic partners to optimise the performance, development and opportunities for our diagnostic.  Our current clinical trials are motivated by these factors.